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Dirty Car Artist, Scott Wade, recreates Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring".

Copyright: ©2006 Scott Wade

Texas “dirty car artist” Scott Wade (pictured here recreating Dutch master, Johannes Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring”) has found an artistic use for the ever present dust collecting on his car. He has recieved a good bit of notoriety for his creations which wash away with tomorrows rain.

“I don’t do this to try and create immortal works of art” says Wade. “We aren’t going to be around forever, and nothing we do is going to last forever as much as we’d like it to. We need to learn to let go of that I think, and just enjoy what’s here.”

When asked which of his works is his favorite, Wade replies “the next one!”

Later this year, Scott will be creating a special piece for the Atlanta Arts Festival. Correction: Scott Wade created a special piece for the Atlanta Arts Festival in 2008.

All images property of Scott Wade

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Bernard Pierre Wolff died of AIDS in 1985 and will likely never assume the fame and credibility that his work deserves. His images of statues seem to be alive with human emotion. They are weighty with a kind of longing that resonates with the viewer. When he photographs people, we see often them juxtaposed against a non-living figure in such a way as to cause the viewer to compare life and non-life.   If there were such a category as existentialist photography, I think Wolff might be its champion.

I first discovered Bernard Pierre Wolff in the late 1980’s after I purchased Joy Division’s album “Closer”. I was captivated by the albums cover image.  Since then I have found Wolff’s work to have a certain darkness, but also a gentle beauty that is delicate and human.
bp_wolff3 bp_wolff2 bp_wolff4

Bernard Pierre Wolff

Julie Heffernan describes the process for her artistic inspiration:

“Before I’m actually sleeping, as I relax and get out of the conscious mind, pictures will flood into my head, kind of like a movie,” Heffernan explains.julieheffernan_agnostic1 “It’s not like daydreaming or remembering. They’re spontaneous pictures that I just sit back and watch. And then I’ll fall asleep. When I wake up, it’s at that point where the images start to stream in, and out of those I’ll usually ‘see’ something.”

The first time I saw Julie Heffernan’s work was in 2004. My wife and I spontaneously decided to run through a local museum despite the approach of the closing hour. What followed I’ll never forget. I had not yet heard of Julie Heffernan.  When I entered the exhibit room I became entrance by “Everything That Rises”.  The image instantly connected with me.  Varieties of birds emanate from a hovering fire over a chandelier amidst falling berries.  All of this set within a greek revivalist surrounding.  It was love at first sight for me.  I wont interpret a meaning, I will leave that to the individual observer.  Her work combines realism with fantasy, allegory, portraiture, and still life. Yet all these elements in are in a natural balance that is both innately pleasing and also mysterious.

All images can be clicked to enlarge.  Enjoy!

00979 artwork_images_148085_314534_julie-heffernan portrait

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“The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds” says Theo Jansen, a Dutch artist and Kinetic sculptor.  Jansen uses light weight materials to create life like inspired “animals” which collect the wind into lemonade bottles.  The animals later release their stored energy to roam alone along beaches and deserts.  There is a mystical beauty in his creations.  He has been called the modern day DiVinci.

Theo Jansen Animaris Percipiere

Bio-mechanical perfection.

Jansen’s mechanical wonders are able to sense their surroundings.  Some can detect the dry sands to change direction before they become stuck.  They can tuck their sails to protect themselves from high winds or even detect the ocean water to reverse their steps and head back towards the dunes.  All of this is achieved through purely mechanical methods.

In Holland, Jansen intends for roaming herds of his mechanical animals to carry sand from the waters edge to the dunes as a method of protecting the dunes from erosion.  These herds will wander along the beaches with no human assistance and no need for power except that which is collected from the wind.

In Jansen’s work, beauty, intelligence and creativity are indistinguishable from one another.

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BMW Commercial (1:06)

Strandbeest – The Spirit Within (2:58)

Animaris Rinoceros (0.19)

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Hand blown glass anatomically correct heart vase?
What says “I love you” more than something that looks like it was torn out of your rib cage by force?  I found this and you know, really, this is truly a beautiful thing.  All jokes aside.  I am not sure where you stick the flowers, but I do know that it would earn a lot of attention the next time your friends and relative s come by for cheese and crackers.anatomical_heart_full

Via Supermarket

Salvador Dali with a shark nose… Van Gogh’s hat made from old paint bottles…  This was quite clever and creative and left me speechless.  Too cool!
Unfortunately the image sources had no information,
but my guess is that Dali would approve. Van Gogh? You never know.


BTW. Dali’s birth name was Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech. His older brother was named Salvador as well. I guess if you like a name, why not use it on all the kids.


Vincent must be the most postmortem-diagnosed artist! Poor guy, everyone has a theory as to why he cut off his ear (just the left lobe actually) and why he committed suicide. Was it Absinthe? Lead Poisoning? Schizophrenia? Bipolar?
Someone did an amazing job recreating him in this image. I would like to know more about this image, but I just don’t know where it originates. Any ideas out there?

Sources: .picapixel and jyouhouya3

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